Our company’s constant concern for providing outstanding solutions to the educational system is proven by its large number of activities undertaken in this area.

Thus, AVITECH is one of the most proactive providers of educational solutions, owing, on the one hand, to incorporation of the latest teaching aids in the offer AVITECH is putting on the market, and, on the other hand, to the many specialized programs it proposes to educational institutions.

The refurbishment and the fitting out of amphitheaters, classrooms and school laboratories with equipment such as interactive whiteboards, projection screens, video projectors, videoconferencing systems for distance learning, sound systems, document cameras, language learning solutions, class teaching and organization software, virtual learning and professional development solutions – are only a few of the solutions offered by AVITECH to the educational community.

Also, crime prevention in schools and campuses can be facilitated by implementing integrated security systems and security surveillance automation.

Besides the high-performance systems and equipment it integrates into its solutions, AVITECH assists the Romanian education system by providing it with many special programs, being one of the pioneers on the education market and in promoting effective solutions to improve teaching and learning process.

All the educational projects undertaken by the company are accompanied by consulting, design, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and different other services.

          Video surveillance
          Intercom systems
          Intrusion detection
          Perimeter security
          Acces control
          Integrated security systems
          Fire detection
          Fire extinguishing
          Public address 
          Electrical Installations 
          Light control 
          Architectural lights 
          Automation & BMS 
          Communication infrastructure 
          Data center
          Data security
          Software applications
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