Places of Worship

Places of Worship

Given their sizes and specific architectural design, houses of worship require, most often than not,  technological solutions designed by professionals. AVITECH designs and implements some of the best sound, public address and video projection systems available on the market.

The beauty of the houses of worship, with their elaborate architecture, marvelous paintings and their magic atmosphere created by the intricate combination of voids and volumes, as well as their historical importance can be best highlighted by means of lighting systems. AVITECH’s  lighting designers are able to create outstanding lighting systems fitted with centralized control and even with preset lighting scenarios adapted to various circumstances.

Architectural lighting, too, is yet another solution to be considered when refurbishing a house of worship. This is the most appropriate solution for displaying the impressive exterior architecture and the historical significance of any monastery, church etc.

Most religious complexes are often housing religious artifacts an inestimable value. At the same time, the large number of people passing through these spaces generates various risks (fire risk, for example), fact that calls for implementation of special security and safety solutions. AVITECH proposes video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control systems for areas containing extremely valuable items (various collections, rare items etc.) as well as fire detection systems.

In configuring its solutions, AVITECH starts with a thorough analysis of the multitude of possible issues to be addressed, thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction and modernization of ancient historic monuments.

          Video surveillance
          Intrusion detection
          Perimeter security
          Integrated security systems
          Fire detection
          Fire extinguishing
          Public address 
          Electrical Installations 
          Light control 
          Architectural lights 
          Automation & BMS 
          Conference rooms
          Digital signage 
          Pro Audio
          Professional lights 
          Service & Maintenance