The dream house, the house where all audio-video, security, lighting and heating systems can be controlled from a simple push of a button, can now become a reality.

AVITECH integrates smart house systems designed and installed in perfect harmony with the personality and lifestyle of each house owner.

A user-friendly system that fits into your interior design so perfectly that your guests will never notice it, is not only very convenient, but also energy efficient.

Also, your garden, terrace or swimming pool can turn into relaxation spaces full of harmony and flooded with the perfect lighting and musical background where you can have fun or relax, while also feeling perfectly secure.

AVITECH’s client portfolio includes  many residential parks. The company has the material and human resources to carry out particularly complex residential projects.

          Video surveillance
          Intercom systems
          Intrusion detection
          Perimeter security
          Acces control
          Integrated security systems
          Fire detection
          Fire extinguishing
          Public address
          Smart home systems
          Electrical Installations 
          Light control
          Architectural lights 
          Automation & BMS 
          Communication infrastructure
          Digital signage 
          Service & Maintenance