Shopping centers, shopping malls, hypermarkets and store chains are places where integration of a large number of security, safety and audio-video systems is mandatory. This condition should be satisfied taking account, on the one hand, of the large number of people passing through these centers every day and, on the other hand, the purpose such buildings are supposed to serve: relaxation, comfort and entertainment.

With its over 11 years of experience in audio-video systems and its prominent position on the security integrators market, AVITECH is committed to provide more than just advanced equipment, integrated systems and cutting-edge technologies.

We are offering turnkey solutions, covering a wide range of applications in the retail industry.

Thus, our video surveillance and intrusion detection systems will discourage burglary and vandalism attempts. Fire or flood detection systems provide protection of property and people. Public address systems help create a pleasant environment, supplying musical background and  information, while also contributing to increased safety when used to announce emergencies.

Moreover, buildings such as shopping malls should be equipped with digital signage through which they may promote brands, services and facilities and help visitors find their way to shops, playgrounds, cinema halls and food courts. Display systems are another effective means of advertising within such spaces. Electrical installations are the key to successful functioning of  all the equipment mentioned above.

          Video surveillance
          Intrusion detection
          Perimeter security
          Acces control
          Fire detection
          Fire extinguishing
          Public address 
          Electrical Installations 
          Light control 
          Architectural lights 
          Automation & BMS 
          Communication infrastructure
          Software applications
          Meeting rooms
          Control rooms 
          Digital signage 
          Service & Maintenance