Established in order to improve and specialize technical support and maintenance services, this division currently benefits from the contribution of over 60 people - technicians and engineers, certified and licensed in their fields of activity. We have a Dispatch Center located in the headquarters in Voluntari, an electronic equipment Service Center in Bucharest and mobile intervention teams in Bucharest-Ilfov, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Chisinau-Rep Moldova, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Oradea, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Targu Mures and Timisoara. Our dispatcher is equipped with call center equipment from suppliers such as Cisco, Fujitsu, NEC and operates on a customized Microsoft Dynamics solution.

AVITECH offers maintenance and technical support for the following systems:

  • Security systems (video surveillance, intrusion detection, perimeter security, access control)
  • Fire protection (detection, alarm and evacuation, extinguishing)
  • Automations (Building Management Systems)
  • Parking and auto access (barriers, gates, bolards)
  • Payment systems
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Audio-video systems (sound, conference, video display, automations)
  • IT&C infrastructure (networking, data center, unified communications)
  • Electrical installations


AVITECH provides warranty to all te equipment that it sells and installs if it is used, operated and maintained in accordance to the manufacturer's operating instructions. Inappropriate use of the equipment, as well as the lack of the equipment maintenance, may lead to the cancellation of the warranty. 


The company has its own team of engineers certified and authorized by manufacturers to repair the electronic equipment, both in warranty ang post-warranty period.


Pentru a preveni defectarea echipamentelor si a sistemelor si pentru a asigura functionarea optima a acestora, este necesar sa asigurati mentenanta corespunzatoare conform recomandarilor producatorilor si, acolo unde se impune, respectand legislatia in vigoare. 
Nu in ultimul rand, serviciile de mentenanta reduc substantial costurile necesare repunerii sistemelor in functiune in caz de avarie, precum si a costurile colaterale ce pot aparea prin afectarea altor operatiuni si procese de baza ale afacerii dumneavoastra.
In order to prevent the equipment and systems failure and to assure the optimal operating, it is required to assure an appropriate maintenance, in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations and where necessary, to comply with the applicable legislation. Furthermore, the maintenance services significantly reduce the costs of recommisioning systems in the event of damage, as well as the collateral costs that may occur by affecting other operations and basic processes of your business.


A maintenance and service contract with AVITECH assures and guarantees you on the entire territory:

  • periodical revisions in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations and/or the legal conventions 
  • fast interventions in order to remedy the malfunctions which can occur on some equipment and to recommision the systems. 
  • permanent service through which our engineers and technicians are available and can provide 24/7/365 technical support.
  • the availability in stock of consumables, spare parts, subunits or equipment required according to the agreed service level (SLA).
  • remote monitoring of critical systems to track real-time alert messages or operating errors and ensure a prompt response from our technical team
  • access to the specialized web platform where real-time status of each request can be viewed in our dispatcher or you can consult materials and resources useful in using and improving your systems.


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