A New Generation of Video Surveillance Cameras - Samsung A1

A New Generation of Video Surveillance Cameras - Samsung A1

AVITECH introduces - in the second half of 2009 - the A1 Series of video surveillance cameras from Samsung, with A1 DSP technology integrated.

This technology has been conceived to capture object images even from environments with very poor lighting conditions and is therefore capable of generating a rise in performance of the video surveillance systems (CCTV).

Through the A1 DSP technology, a high image resolution, an increased contrast ratio and image correction can be obtained. The video cameras of A1 series from Samsung guarantee high efficiency for all professional video surveillance applications and they are available in a variety of styles, such as Box - fixed and with zoom; Dome - fixed, anti tamper, varifocal and smart. Other special functions of this range are: intelligent video content analysis, camera control through coaxial cable and digital image equalizer.

Samsung Electronics, one of the world´s most renowned corporations in the security systems industry, develops and promotes cutting-edge technologies, digital video recorders (DVR), video control systems, IP video control systems, and professional video monitoring.

AVITECH Systems is the division specialised in providing professional solutions in the fields of security systems, electric installation - low and medium voltage, automation and BMS. The division includes a specialized department, which insures the design, installation and configuration of any system, regardless of its complexity or dimension. AVITECH Systems promotes top technologies from countries with tradition in the field, such as Israel, the United States of America, Great Britain and Japan.

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