A New Project Successfully Implemented by AVITECH

A New Project Successfully Implemented by AVITECH

AVITECH announces the completion of a successful project: setting-up a data and communication monitoring dispaching system for RCS & RDS company.

Among the advantages offered by this dispatching system is the monitoring capacity of the modern RCS & RDS infrastructure, based on which the company ensures its clients with integrated communication services: television, Internet, fixed and mobile telephone lines.

The system supplied by AVITECH to this telecommunications operator allows detecting any damage of the communication hubs and the redundant networks and repair them in real-time. In this way, RCS & RDS is able to solve possible network problems before receiving customer complaints.

The solution provided by AVITECH also included the mounting of a videowall consisting of 9 LCD television sets.

RCS & RDS is a modern company, with 15 years of experience in the provision of telecommunication solutions. The company is also one of the leading operators in the area, providing telecommunication solutions in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia. RCS & RDS has developed its own telecommunication infrastructure via optical fibre support and covers over 200 cities country-wide with its television, Internet and mobile and fixed-line telephone services. The company is a market leader in Romania in the provision of Internet and cable and satellite television services and represents the main alternative provider of fixed-line telephone services.

Through its Audio-Video Division, AVITECH has become well established on the Romanian market as the number 1 integrator of audio-video, video conferencing, digital signage, pro audio and lighting solutions. The company provides performance solutions for spaces designed for business meetings, training, conference and videoconference, and also for digital signage, dispatching, telepresence and telemedicine projects. The equipment composing the solutions provided by the Audio-Video Division includes: conference systems, indoor speakers, simultaneous interpretation systems, amplifiers, mixers, professional lighting, interactive boards, videoconference systems, and digital signage systems.


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