AMX Modero Touch Panel - Efficient Control and High Functionality

AMX Modero Touch Panel - Efficient Control and High Functionality

AVITECH introduces to the Romanian market the new AMX Mondero touch panel series - the most compact ever created.

Modero NXD-430 and NXD-435 are the two models of this series, designed for efficient and functional usage. Each of the two Mondero models easily integrate, either wall embedded or wall mounted, and therefore are the ideal solution for a large range of applications present in a house or office building.

Some of the technical specifications adding extra value to the entire Mondero series are: 4.3" compact display dimension, 480x272 pixels colour resolution, supply via Ethernet (PoE) interface, 128MB standard memory/ 256 MB flash memory.

AMX is a USA company with over 26 years of experience, manufacturing products that are globally rewarded and recognized for their ability to help control and automate your entire A/V equipment. The AMX products are implemented in conference rooms, houses, command and control centres, hotels.

Due to its SmartHouse division, AVITECH has become the first and most important company in Romania developing the smart house concept. A smart house is based on an integrated management and control system for the entire electrical and electronic equipment designed for security, lighting, air conditioning, audio-video and Hi-Fi components in a home. The offer consists of cutting-edge solutions and equipment: TV& Video, Home Cinema, Multi-Room Audio & Hi-Fi, Lighting Control, Automation and BMS, Security, Home Networking (computer networks and Internet access), HVAC.


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