Audio-video and 3D Solutions - Dunarea de Jos Museum in Calarasi

Reopened on February 20, 2014 after an extensive process of modernization, the Department of Archaeology and Treasure of the Lower Danube Museum in Calarasi was endowed by AVITECH with audio- video and 3D systems.

At the entrance, the visitors will find an interactive system that enables a virtual tour of the museum. The entire area and most of the exhibits have been recreated in 3D by AVITECH team. Users can interact with objects and view them from many angles. Below you can watch a short video demonstrating the virtual tour.

In the center of the exhibition space has been installed a video projection system including a large screen. In the key points were placed 47" LED displays running information about the exhibits.

AVITECH has also provided the audio guide system for visitors and ensured the recording of the content in multiple languages​​.

Lower Danube Museum was established in 1951 and proudly exhibits precious collections, holding one of the most valuable historical objects in the country: a ritual cup dating from the fifth millennium BC, attributed to Boian - Giuleşti communities. Supported by Calarasi County Council, the Lower Danube Museum modernization and equipping with multimedia equipment led to the creation of a modern and multifunctional space that highlights the museum's collections, proper to the development of the educational and museum activities.

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