Audio-Video and Communication Solutions in the Medical Field

Audio-Video and Communication Solutions in the Medical Field

AVITECH implemented a performance system of audio-video and communication infrastructure for the operation theatre of the Delta Hospital in Bucharest.

The solution provided and implemented by AVITECH allows the reception of signals from the medical devices located in the operation theatre and their distribution to other areas of interest.

In this way, bi-directional audio-video communication is made possible between the operation rooms and the conference room at Delta Hospital or other conference rooms located in different institutions in the country and abroad. Video signal reception and distribution (laparoscope in the operation theatre, video from the operation rooms, other medical video signals) is performed in Full HD digital format, thus ensuring highest quality for viewing, necessary in medical diagnosis and teaching presentations.

The solution also included HD video conference systems and services made available to the client. These were used for live streaming, during the 22nd World Congress of International Society for Digestive Surgery, of several operations in obesity performed via laparoscopy by the director of the Bariatric Surgery Centre for Excellence (BariXL), Doctor Cătălin Copăescu.

The Congress, which took place during May 5-6 in Rome, was attended by 800 surgeons, who could watch live, for the first time from Romania, via video conference, some of these medical procedures being performed.

The event is a national premiere and the first laparoscopic procedure in obesity surgery performed in a hospital in Romania and live streamed during such a large-scale international event.

Delta Hospital is a state-of-the-art clinic, completed in 2011, which provides its patients with a very large space (of 10,000 sq. m.), and with medical services at the highest standards, ranging from medical advice, tests and cutting-edge diagnostic imaging to highest-quality medical and surgical treatment, in all areas of medical pathology, in a similar manner with any European hospital.

I would like to receive further details about the audio-video and videoconferencing solutions provided by AVITECH