Audio-video for the Institute of Power Studies and Engineering

AVITECH has equipped with high-performance audio-video systems two conference rooms of the Institute for Power Studies and Engineering (ISPE), Bucharest.

One of the rooms, with a capacity of about 40 seats, has been fitted with a professional video-projection system and a discussion system. The second room, too, has been equipped with a video projection system of high performance. Both rooms are equipped with latest generation audio-video infrastructure, capable to play sounds and images from multiple sources.

ISPE is a Romanian company with a tradition of over 60 years in energy, environment and infrastructure, with reference projects covering the entire national power system. ISPE is the market leader in engineering and technical and financial advice industry, in terms of its turnover, number of specialists, and, in particular, in terms of its wide diversity of projects.

I would like to receive further details about the audio-video solutions provided by AVITECH