Audio/Video and Videoconferencing 2008-2009 Catalogue

Audio/Video and Videoconferencing 2008-2009 Catalogue

In November, AVITECH launched the sixth edition of the "Audio/Video and Videoconferencing 2008-2009" Catalogue, a unique selection of professional equipments and solutions, containing the latest technology.

The only one of its kind on the Romanian market, the catalogue is available upon request by completing and sending the form available at contact page

The catalogue describes performance solutions for spaces designed for business meetings and for training, conference and videoconference rooms and also for projects such as digital signage, dispatcher, telepresence and telemedicine.
The catalogue is structured on 5 chapters: Videoconferencing, Visual, Digital signage, Audio, Automation. Each chapter contains detailed information about the most important producers worldwide, equipment and solutions specific to the respective domain.

The most representative catalogue products are available for tests in the showroom at 1/II Sos. Pipera-Tunari.

By its Audio - Video Division, AVITECH has become well established on the Romanian market as the number 1 integrator of audio-video solutions, video conferencing, digital signage, pro audio and lighting.