AVITECH Announces the Successful Completion of a Modern Home Theatre

AVITECH Announces the Successful Completion of a Modern Home Theatre

AVITECH announces the completion of a successful integration, in a private residence, of a modern Home Theatre. This type of set-up has become a more and more desired feature by individuals who appreciate comfort and leisure in their own home. The Home Theatre room is the product of the company´s SmartHouse division.

The provided solution consisted in designing a space in which the owners may comfortably experience watching their favourite TV programs, films and concerts at the highest audio and video standards.

The room customised by AVITECH includes a projection system (home cinema projector and a 16:9 projection screen), an audio system with 8 wall-embedded speakers, 6 ergonomic armchairs with electric switch for setting the position. For a more pleasant environment, there is a performance lighting control system integrated in the room as well. All these systems are easily controlled from a centralised cutting-edge touch-panel.

AVITECH holds the top position in Romania for the smart houses field. The company´s specialists own enlarged professional competencies in electronics, acoustics, automation, electrical installations, thermal installations and BMS and are trained in the USA and Western Europe. The company´s offer consists in equipment from the most appreciated manufacturers in the field, as well as complex services, including consultancy, design, project management, installation and programming of each system independently. AVITECH introduced for the first time the "smart house" concept in Romania, being also the first company that has transformed this concept into reality through customised projects, adjusted for every type of residence.

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