AVITECH became Parkeon's partner

AVITECH | Parkeons's partner

In May 2018 AVITECH became Parkeon’s partner. The company is the world’s leading parking and ticketing services provider and has a presence in over 4,000 cities and towns, in 60 countries worldwide.

From automatic fare collection to automatic number plate recognition systems, the innovative solutions are connecting the customers with their end users, optimising the benefit of multiple public transportation and parking technology platforms. Furthermore, Parkeon and Cale merged and formed Flowbird, a technology company for enabling urban mobility. Flowbird operates in over 5000 towns and cities in 70 countries. Also, due to this, Parkeon is moving from 68% global market share to 90%.

In Romania, the company is represented by AVITECH, a system integrator that offers solutions and services for on-street and off-street parking. 

Also, AVITECH is the only partner from Romania that offers both hardware equipment and Parkeon Analytics SmartCity and Parkeon Whoosh services. 

This new partnership is part of AVITECH’s smart city strategy regardig the on-street and off-street parking solutios for cities on the move.

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