AVITECH - general entrepreneurship for Palazzo Lido

Lido House, one of the most famous historic buildings in Bucharest, regained the splendor of past times due to a complex process of renovation done under general entrepreneurship of AVITECH.

Our company has coordinated the interior and exterior design (technical structural expertise, demolition of walls, reconfiguration, painting, wallpapering, carpet installation, etc.), decorative elements and stained glass refurbishment, electrical installations, heating, air conditioning and plumbing design and execution.

AVITECH implemented also an ambiental sound system for the restaurant from inside Lido House and performed a voice-data and wireless internet network.

Work of the famous architect Ion N. Socolescu, Lido House, formerly known as Angelescu House, with generous interior spaces, architectural details and European palace interior design, maintained the history of one of the most important families in the history of Bucharest and Romania. After the renovation, the building was brought back to life in today's Palazzo Lido.

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