AVITECH Integrates the Milestone Solutions in Its Security Offer

AVITECH Integrates the Milestone Solutions in Its Security Offer

Starting with June, AVITECH’s specialists in security and safety have obtained the certificate for Advanced Certified in XProtect Corporate and Enterprise packages, provided by the renowned Milestone Company. By adding Milestone to its offer, AVITECH provides its customers with the benefits of using open platform software for integration with any type of hardware equipment in IP video surveillance, as well as for integration with systems dedicated to access control and intrusion detection.

The Milestone solution stands out through its capability to accomplish intelligent video analysis, which is the ability to detect, recognise and analyze the objects and events in a mathematical manner, using digitized video. The video content is not only captured, but also analyzed. In this way, it is dealt with the great issue regarding the impossibility for the human factor to watch all images captured by the surveillance cameras.

Furthermore, the versatility of the intelligent video analysis ensures an increased ROI for a large range of applications, including business intelligence, factory automation, loss prevention, public liability assessment, monitoring traffic flow, and consumer behaviour analysis.

Milestone is the leading global developer of open platform software for managing IP network-based video surveillance. Milestone XProtect software is powerful, advanced, and yet easy to use and reliable. The platform ensures numerous benefits for the companies: cost cuts, process optimisation, protection for people and assets, increasing the value of products and services within an organization. The Milestone solutions have been integrated in more than 50,000 projects around the world, in all areas: retail, hospitality, finance, manufacturing, distribution, education, healthcare, utilities, property management, transportation, government, and military.

I would like to receive further details about the security solutions provided by AVITECH.