Integrator Of Audio-Video And Multimedia Solutions For U.P.B.

AVITECH has successfully completed the integration of audio- video solutions in the Conference Centre of the University Politehnica of Bucharest’s Central Library.

The Central Library is located in a new building of about 17,600 square meters, built within the University’s campus. The institution is divided into three zones arranged on 4 floors of the building: the actual library, the conference center, the print shop. AVITECH integrated audio- video systems in more than 20 rooms of various sizes, from the Library’s Conference Center: multifunctional halls, conference rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, multimedia "open spaces ".

Among the systems integrated in the Conference Center’s rooms there are: video conferencing systems, conference systems, command and control systems, simultaneous interpretation systems, sound systems, display systems, interactive presentation systems, management systems, booking rooms.
One of the most complex rooms in terms of integrated audio and video systems is the boardroom. It benefits from a full HD video conferencing system that presents images on four displays. In this room were also integrated a cutting-edge wireless discussion system, a powerful sound system. All the systems are controlled from a touch panel with easy to use interface.

It benefits from three conference halls with a capacity of over 100 participants. The most comprehensive of these is equipped with Full HD video conferencing system, LED displays system, sound system, and a simultaneous translation system.

The seventeen seminar and training rooms are provided with either interactive presentation system with integrated sound system or with video projection systems.

The reservations for the conference rooms are done by using wall-embedded touch LCD displays placed at the entrance to the hall, centralized on each floor. The solution offered by AVITECH included also the setting up of a wireless internet network in the four floors of the building.

University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB ) is the oldest and most prestigious engineering school in Romania. Its traditions are related to the establishment, in 1818 by Gheorghe Lazar of the first technical college with tuition in Romanian language. UPB ensures the implementation of a educational performance, developed and perfected through a complex research. Currently, the University has 15 faculties. UPB is concerned with strengthening the participation in international exchange of values, and as a result of the prestige currently enjoyed there are the collaborative programs with over 150 universities in 27 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

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