A New Series of Aiphone Keypads for Accessing Buildings

A New Series of Aiphone Keypads for Accessing Buildings

The new AC keypad series from Aiphone is dedicated to access control against unauthorized persons attempting to break into a building. Therefore, the access is allowed or restricted through a code and the keypad is compatible with the entire Aiphone interphone and video-interphone range.

With a new design, the keypads integrate perfectly with both contemporary and traditional architecture, offering the possibility to operate them in a variety of buildings, such as office buildings, residential complexes or holiday houses.

The AC keypad series can be either mounted on (AC-10S) or incorporated in (AC-10F) walls. Both versions are vandalism proof and additionally offer the possibility to customize the keypad for a perfect integration within the environment. The key backlight can be lit permanently or set to stay lit for a certain amount of time, between 10 and 99 seconds, every time a keypad button is pressed.

The Japanese company Aiphone is one of the major global providers in the field of video-interphones. It is also the first interphones and video interphones manufacturer that was awarded the Deming prize, the greatest international prize for quality control. This prize is being awarded since 1950, in honour of Professor W. Edwards Deming. The Aiphone product range includes professional systems for individual residences as well as for collective residences or residence parks with up to 250 apartments/houses. The Aiphone products have a simple design, excellent technical features and great reliability.

AVITECH Systems is the division specialised in providing solutions in the fields of security systems, electric installation � low and medium voltage, automation and BMS. The division includes a specialized department, which insures the design, execution and configuration of any system, regardless of its complexity or dimension.
AVITECH Systems promotes top technologies from countries with tradition in the field, such as Israel, the United States of America, Great Britain and Japan.

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