AVITECH, awarded by AXIS for “Innovations in the Industrial Sector”

AXIS Communications, world leader in the development of monitoring video cameras, organized last week an event, AXIS Romania Open Day 2015. This event took place in Bucharest and it is the first one of such impact organized by AXIS in Romania, being an opportunity for presenting the latest IP technologies and products in the field of network video monitoring.

Within the event, AVITECH was awarded the prize for “Innovations in the Industrial Sector” for 2014.

"For AXIS Communications it is a real honour to cooperate with one of the largest system integrators in Romania. We believe that we have a similar approach towards our customers and delivering innovation at the highest standard of quality is our priority. Our cooperation with Avitech lasts for many years and it is growing. During our AXIS Open Day on May 14th in Bucharest we gave Avitech the award stating “For bringing innovations to industrial sector in 2014”. This shows our commitment and belief in a further improved long term cooperation", declared Marketa Bauerova, Sales Manager Central Europe, AXIS Communications.

AXIS cameras cover a wide range of applications, the company portfolio including both models dedicated to outdoors monitoring under severe climatic conditions, and models allowing discrete monitoring. These camera provide a high number of capabilities, such as HDTV, wide dynamic range, infrared sensor, and they integrate technologies such as Lightfinder, which allows monitoring even under the most difficult lighting conditions.

“The demand for high performance video monitoring solutions increased significantly in Romania along all business verticals for which AXIS develops solutions:  retail, transportation, banks, street monitoring, industry, education, infrastructure and public sector. The goal of AXIS Romania Open Day is to find, together with their local partners, methods of capitalizing on these opportunities and to facilitate the access of Romanian companies to the newest and high performance technologies”, declared Bogdan Gavril, AXIS Romania representative.

During the event, Bogdan Gavril demonstrated both the capabilities of AXIS cameras and the features of the newest and high performance technology solutions, such as AXIS Zipstream.

“The major benefit of the new technology AXIS Zipstream consists in the fact that it reduces by over 50% the storage capacity and the bandwidth necessary for video monitoring applications. This technology is perfectly compatible to the H.264 compression standards and it can be used with the newest AXIS cameras and with video management software applications without additional investments”, added Bogdan Gavril.

The AXIS Zipstream technology analyzes and optimizes in real time the transmission from the network cameras. The images containing interesting details are recorded at maximum quality and resolution, while other images are optimized in order to allow the reduction of the bandwidth and storage requirements. For example, important details such as the face, tattoos, and registration plates are stored at maximum parameters, while constant details such as walls or vegetation are compressed. 

AXIS is world leader in network video equipment, supplying intelligent and safe solutions, thus bringing a direct contribution to the transition toward digital monitoring solutions. AXIS video professional products and solutions are developed around an innovative and open platform.  AXIS has over 1,900 employees in over 40 offices around the world and is cooperating with over 75,000 partners in 179 countries.