AVITECH Is Partner of “Grow Smart. Recycle Paper” Project

AVITECH Is Partner of “Grow Smart. Recycle Paper” Project

AVITECH supports the educational project „Grow Smart. Recycle Paper”, launched on 12th of November 2010 in Oradea by The Live Green Association. The action consists in collecting dry waste (paper and cardboard) by pupils from Oradea and capitalizing it with the intent to purchase a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Two high schools are currently enrolled in the project: The Greek-Catholic Theology High School and Traian Vuia Technical College, both in Oradea.

At the event that took place on 12th of November, the AVITECH representatives demonstrated several benefits of using the interactive presentation systems in the teaching-learning process. The ease of use, the interactive whiteboard friendly interface, and the specific applications were some of the elements to capture teachers’ interest and as well as pupils’ enthusiasm.

When using the touch sensitive whiteboard surface, any application on the computer can be activated and completely controlled by a simple touch of a finger. Also, writing and drawing on the sensitive surface are possible by using the set of special pens, and the PC stores the information. The result can be saved, printed or sent via email. The software behind the interactive whiteboard provides teachers with the most powerful digital instrument for creating, distributing and managing lessons within a sole application.

The “Grow Smart. Recycle Paper” project will take place during a period of 12 months, and two more educational institutions shall be included in this project within the next 3 months. On top of purchasing the extremely efficient educational tools, the project stands out by inspiring youth to grow an ecologic spirit and by cultivating in them the responsibility to recycle paper.

In addition to providing performance equipment and systems included in its solutions, AVITECH Company supports the Romanian education system with numerous special programs and is one of the supporters of implementing efficient solutions that shall improve the teaching-learning process.

I would like to receive further details about the education solutions offered by AVITECH