Modernization of the Educational Institutions Project

Modernization of the Educational Institutions Project

AVITECH participated in process of modernization of several educational institutions conducted through the "Rehabilitation of Educational Infrastructure in Bucharest” program developed by the municipality together with the European Investment Bank.

The program included 102 institutions comprising 64 schools, 15 high schools, 19 special schools and four kindergartens. There were performed multiple works, from reinforcement and renovation to the development of new constructions (gyms, swimming pool etc.) and fitting out with furniture, specific materials and IT equipment.

AVITECH was leader of the companies association that provided laboratory fitting out of the school units with integrated presentation and evaluation of experiments and specific teaching materials. In each school were integrated the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the SMART Response interactive response system, a SMART Document Camera. Among the teaching materials the laboratories were endowed with could be mentioned: tools, utensils, various specific devices, measuring instruments, microscopes, maps, drawings, moulds, laboratory kits, educational software etc.

"Bucharest is currently having 100 turnkey fit-out schools. These schools are primarily consolidated, but are also rehabilitated and modernized. They have laboratories, offices, gyms, high end furniture and high-tech equipment "said the General Mayor, Sorin Oprescu.

I would like to receive further details about the educational solutions offered by AVITECH