AVITECH - Supplier Low voltage Systems for Production Hall

AVITECH - Supplier Low voltage Systems for Production Hall

AVITECH integrated low voltage systems for the production unit CML Innovative Technologies in Sibiu. The plant has a surface of ca. 10,000 sq.m. and manufactures lighting equipment for the automotive industry.

AVITECH provided for the new production unit execution and commissioning services for systems such as: video monitoring, intrusion detection, access control, fire detection and warning, fire extinguishing in the server room, voice-data network.

The access control and time and attendance system is used both for the pedestrian access and time attendance of the company’s employees and also for the access control of the vehicles into the parking with a surface of ca. 4,800 sq.m. The systems include automated barriers for vehicles and tripod turnstiles for employees.

For the unit safety, one implemented a high performance system for fire detection and warning. This system was integrated with the natural ventilation and smoke exhaust system. The server room was fitted with an aspirating smoke detection and fire extinguishing system.

The video monitoring of the interior and outdoor premises is based on a CCTV system, including over 70 IP cameras.

The voice-data network ensures the communication infrastructure for company employees and for part of the industrial equipment.

CML Innovative Technologies is part of the Spanish group Grupo Antolin and it is among the largest global manufacturers of interior lighting systems for the automotive industry. Among the company customers, there are the most important manufacturers in the automotive industry.