Bebarmatic – Parking Management Systems

AVITECH has become the official partner in Romania of the German company Bebarmatic - one of the leading European producers of parking management and access control systems.

Bebarmatic is recognized as a promoter of parking and ticketing solutions based on bar code technology, which offers users greater flexibility.

The manufacturer’s portfolio also includes solutions based on cards, RFID technology or multiple technologies. The company holds many patents for the concepts and mechanisms it has developed.

Parking management systems can be integrated with various other systems, to form complex solutions, as, for example, with video surveillance system for tracing vehicle license plates, with parking info display system, weighing system etc.

Bebarmatic solutions are ideal for hotels, retail, stadiums, airports, hospitals, universities and local administrations.

With a history of over 35 years, Bebarmatic is one of the leading suppliers of parking and ticketing solutions in this industry. The company has a wide range of products such as parking management systems, access control systems, turnstiles, barriers, automated gates, automated pay systems etc

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