BMS and Low Voltage Installations for Floreasca Park

AVITECH designed and integrated the Building Management System solutions and low current installations in Floreasca Park office building complex, which has became a standard of the "green" buildings on the real estate market in Romania. 

Floreasca Park is composed of two buildings built on an area of ​​about two acres, totaling 38,000 square meters area of offices. Using concepts focused on energy efficiency and environmental protection, Floreasca Park is designed to meet the BREEAM standards for the qualification "Excellent".

The BMS solutions implemented by AVITECH significantly contribute to the efficiency of the two buildings. The BMS performs the control and data acquisition from the HVAC systems operating both in the common areas and the spaces destined to the tenants. These systems are fully automated, integrated into the BMS. Among these we can mention: the heat pumps system, heating systems (water heaters), cooling systems (cooling towers and chillers), air treatment plants, natural ventilation system by using the mobile windows, fan coil units, energy metering (heat and electricity, drinking water consumption) etc. 

Moreover,  BMS helps at saving the building’s energy through effective management of indoor and outdoor lighting system. The BMS provides a high degree of efficiency of the building by monitoring other important systems and installations such as the fire system, access control system, flood detection system in the technical areas, lifts, generator sets, fuel tanks, UPS equipment.

The low current installations that AVITECH designed and implemented included: fire detection and alarm system, access control system, video surveillance system, intrusion detection system, emergency communication system for people with disabilities, intercom system and emissions detection system. The implemented solution involved also the interconnection of all these systems.

The fire detection and alarm system provided is extremely complex. It integrates several high-performance power management plants and over 5000 sensing and actuation elements. The system is programmed to run multiple scenarios based on the triggered alarms acting different flaps, fan pressurization / smoke dampers, access control system, smoke ventilation windows etc. The system is monitored from the central station, any alarm causing a visual and audible warning indicating the exact fire ignition spot. 

The access control system manages over 70 doors in the building, and the four barriers to the access of the underground parking. 

The video surveillance system integrates over 100 cameras located both inside and outside. The system is monitored and managed from the central station also fit out by AVITECH. 

The integrated intrusion detection system serves the common areas of the building including the emergency doors.
Especially for the people with disabilities has been integrated an emergency communications system in the toilets and evacuation stairs of both buildings, it reporting at the acceptance of each building.

The emission detection system was installed in the underground parking and is integrated with the fire detection system.
Floreasca Park is a project developed by Portland Trust, one of the most active developers on the market from Bucharest. The company founded in 1997 by Robert Neale and Mark Vydra in the Czech Republic also built in our capital the office buildings Opera Center I and II, Bucharest Business Park and Floreasca 169A. In April 2014, Portland Trust has won two awards crucial to Floreasca Park: "Best Office Building of the Year" within the Central and Eastern European Quality Awards (CEEQA) Gala, held in Warsaw and "Office Development of the Year" within the EuropaProperty SEE Real Estate Awards Gala & Forum Romania event held in Bucharest.