Videoconferencing Lighting Fixtures for Individual Systems

Videoconferencing Lighting Fixtures for Individual Systems

AVITECH has enriched its range of videoconferencing equipment with the new i-Series from Brightline – the new line of videoconference LED fixtures recently launched by the American company.

Specially designed to be scalable to almost any type of display, i-Series help obtain better and clearer images of speakers conversing remotely in videoconference. These systems are significantly contributing the success of videoconferencing sessions owing to accurate capturing of important visual details such as body language and eye contact with partners in conference.

The new videoconferencing lighting fixtures for individual systems come in very handy to individual users, owing to the pleasant, natural-like light they shed, their sleek, compact and linear built, their low energy consumption and low heat emission. All these features make the new line ideal for managers who seek to communicate effectively with employees and partners through videoconferencing from the comfort and privacy of their office or even their home.

Brightline is the market leader in the manufacturing of energy efficient lighting systems designed for videoconferencing, distance learning, television, telemedicine, Internet video streaming and colour change applications. Brightline’s mission is to “enable communication through clarity”.

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