Captivating Videowall Solutions for the New PRO TV News Studio

The new PRO TV News studio was equipped by AVITECH with state-of-the-art technology in order to offer the viewers the most intense and realistic visual experiences for the presented news. The solution provided by AVITECH includes 3 videowalls consisting of MicroTiles cubes, which can be grouped together and arranged in any configuration. As we are in the high definition era, the entire project was designed to offer a total virtual screen of over 20 Mega pixels. The details are reproduced at a pixel pitch of just 1.27 mm, being rendered with discreet RGB LEDs.

The main videowall, located behind the presenter’s desk, consists of 128 cubes (16x8) installed on a curved aluminum structure.

The second videowall, used mainly for the Weather and Sport presentations, consists of 60 cubes and has an interactive bezel with multi-touch technology. In addition, special reports within PRO TV News provided a totally different perspective when presented on this videowall. This technology is based on the optical detection of shadows generated on a surface by object in contact to it, a process ensuring maximum performance and accuracy.

The smallest of the videowalls in the new studio, consisting of 8 cubes, is integrated in the presenter’s desk.

At a size of 408 x 306 mm, with a depth of 260 mm and a ventilation gap of just 50 mm, the MicroTiles displays from Christie Digital can be grouped together in any shape and configuration. In addition, the cubes have outstanding brightness, contrast and color reproduction levels, which recommend them for multiple applications.

Although they have a complex structure, they require for control just a single unit to process the signal from the most usual multimedia players. The systems are very good characteristics also regarding the operation cost, reliability and component life cycle. 

“PRO TV was even since its beginning a pioneer of television technology development in Romania. As within other technical projects carried out in the past, PRO TV managed this time again to push technology to its upper limits and to launch this year a modern news studio, unique in Romania. This was a project that tested our technical skills and flexibility in identifying the most adequate solutions and we were able to implement this project together with our suppliers. The 4K resolution employed by us for the two large videowalls provides indeed a high accuracy image, offering to the viewers a true news show” declared Bogdan Andreescu, Technical Director of PRO TV.