Communication and Interactivit for the Military domain

Communication and Interactivit for the Military domain

During the July 10-11 weekend, the “King Ferdinand I” National Military Museum in Bucharest hosted “The Communications and IT Museum Days” Event. AVITECH, as event partner, exhibited in its booth, set-up in the courtyard of the museum exhibition space, the new video conferencing solutions from Tandberg, systems ideal for communication and interactivity.

The star of the booth was the new EX90 telepresence system from Tandberg, for the first time presented in front of the Romanian public in an exhibition setting.

The visitors said they were impressed with the equipment and appreciated the outstanding image quality of the 24” HD display, the sharpness of the PrecisionHD camera with 90 degree rotation angle, as well as the ease of use of the 8” touch-screen interface. The military staff attending the event stated the system is ideal for effective communication in emergency situation.

The interactive whiteboard, which is very useful in delivering effective presentations, was also presented in the event, due to its usefulness in discussing military strategies, both between communication partners located in a single room, or via video conferencing.

The event reached its 3rd edition this year and a large number of people attended, both military personnel and military exhibitions fans.

The Communications and IT Museum was established during 1999-2000 and was inaugurated on July 14, 2000. It operates as a National Military Museum branch since 2005. The institution was set-up based on over 135-year history of weapons and is organised in sections, i.e. main exhibition, technical exhibition, commanders’ gallery, collections and donations gallery, library, documents archive, and the museum storage facilities.

I would like to receive further details about the solutions provided by AVITECH for the Military