Equipment Demo in AVITECH’s Showroom

Equipment Demo in AVITECH’s Showroom

On Friday, March 19, 2010, AVITECH’ s showroom was the host of a 26-teacher group from Teleorman, who participated in demo sessions with equipment and applications included in AVITECH’s offer for the educational environment.

Teachers could test these interactive systems, which are representatives for lesson presentations of the future, and learned about the advantages they bring into teaching-learning-assessment processes.

Among the numerous benefits outlined during the demo, the participants were impressed with the ease of transmitting and assimilating information in the teaching-learning process, with the increased teacher-student interaction and with the ability to capture all students’ attention.

The following equipment and applications were used in the demo sessions: SMART Board SB680 with integrated audio system, SMART Board SB685i3 with integrated audio system, interactive wireless SMART Airliner, SMART Document Camera SDC280, SMART Response – the interactive response system, SMART Notebook, SMART Notebook Math and SMART Bridgit software.

The teachers also participated in a videoconferencing session with Tandberg terminals and were able to observe its benefits for the educational system (experience exchange, distance learning etc.).

AVITECH is authorized distributor of SMART products in Romania. AVITECH supports the Romanian educational system with numerous special programs and is one of the first promoters of effective solutions for improved educational processes.

SMART Technologies is the global leader in interactive systems for classrooms and meeting rooms. According to the estimates of Futuresource Consulting, one in five classrooms shall include such equipment, until 2013, in order to achieve an interactive teaching-learning-assessment system.

I would like to receive further information about the educational solutions provided by AVITECH