Evoko Room Manager – The Solution for Booking Meeting Rooms

Evoko Room Manager – The Solution for Booking Meeting Rooms

AVITECH presents Evoko Room Manager, a novel solution proposed by the Swedish producer Evoko Unlimited AB for effective management of booking meeting rooms in hotels and companies.

Evoko Room Manager is a very simple system but very effective and reliable, which can be installed on the wall, outside the meeting room.

The touch screen displays a clear structured menu which allows easy tracking of the status of appointments and enables the user to make reservations and information updates on the spot. One of the main advantages of the system is that it doesn’t require any additional software, is directly connected to the company's Exchange Server.

The system’s benefits also include: seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook,  possibility to perform remote reservations, online, as well as for reporting faults of different equipment in the meeting room, by simply using some representative icons.

Moreover, if you forgot to book a room, the aluminum case helps you to find available rooms at a glance: green or red LED background illumination allows it to be seen at a distance whether the room is free or occupied.

Evoko Unlimited AB is a subsidiary of Smart Media Solutions AB from Sweden. The company is recognized for its innovative spirit, and the Evoko Room Manager solution enjoys positive evaluations from specialists in the audio-video field.

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