First Projector with Automatic Lamp Replacement System- SANYO PLC-XTC50

First Projector with Automatic Lamp Replacement System- SANYO PLC-XTC50

AVITECH announces the launching of the first professional projector with automatic lamp replacement system. Due to the automatic filter exchange and to the automatic lamp replacement, Sanyo has extended the projector�s lifetime and has considerably reduced the service and maintenance costs. The product will be available at the producer starting with February 2009.

This new revolutionary lamp replacement system leads to simplifying the maintenance process, especially for projectors permanently installed in places hard to reach. The integration of two lamps with the PLC-XTC50 projector doubles the projection life to 6,000 hours compared to the conventional projectors. The two lamps can be used alternately or successively, depending on the settings made by the user. Another advantage is the small space occupied by the lamp.

The maintenance system of the filter developed by Sanyo identifies the dust covered filters and replaces them immediately. The automatic replacement of the filter can be done up to 10 times and manual replacement is necessary every 10,000 hours. If all ten filters have been changed, the filter system can be replaced with a new one via a one-touch system, without the need of extra tools for installation.

Sanyo Electric Group is world leader in professional projectors market. It has earned its trust on the profile market by developing a unic image reproduction technology and by the manufacturing of exceptional equipment. AVITECH has been distributing professional products from Sanyo in Romania for over 5 years.

AVITECH, by its Audio-Video division, has become well established on the Romanian market as the number 1 integrator of audio-video solutions, video conferencing, digital signage, pro audio and lighting. This division provides high-performance solutions for spaces destined for business meetings, training rooms, classrooms and conference rooms. AVITECH integrates complete solutions and top quality professional equipment, based on a wide experience in the field and based on creativity in customizing a varied range of projects.



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