Freestorm: interactive SMART solutions for the business environment

Freestorm: interactive SMART solutions for the business environment

SMART Technologies, one of AVITECH’s partners, announces the launching of Freestorm, the brand which will comprise all the interactive technologies and products dedicated to the business environment. These solutions represent the optimum way towards achieving performance and efficiency and can be put into practice in different domains such as: industry and production, financial services, constructions, architecture, health, without being limited to them.

Being an incontestable leader on the interactive Whiteboards and displays market, SMART Technologies offers advanced solutions which can significantly influence the work environment by changing it into a modern and efficient one, based on interactivity and creativity. Among the benefits brought by these solutions there can be mentioned: an increased productivity during meetings, the communication and collaboration between the users regardless of their location, the possibility of adding notes to different types of documents, saving and sending them instantly to participants.

Freestorm series include SMART Board interactive whiteboards and systems, interactive LCD SMART Board displays, SMART Podium interactive pen display, SMART Meeting Pro software and SMART Brigit conferencing and presentations software.

One important characteristic of the solutions provided by SMART Technologies is referring to their compatibility with the Cisco systems (TelePresence and WebEx). It results in a method of collaboration which allows the remote participants to see all the content of a document, to write with digital ink on it, to hear and join all the discussions carried out on that moment.

AVITECH’s specialists can place at your disposal complete solutions for your business, by respecting the highest quality standards. All high performance equipments, integrated systems and state-of-the-art technologies offered by our company can bring significant improvements to your business.  

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