A Single Interactive Whiteboard, Two Users-SMART Technologies

A Single Interactive Whiteboard, Two Users-SMART Technologies

AVITECH announces the soon to be launched new series of interactive whiteboards, SBD600, integrating the Dual Touch technology. This innovative technology allows the use of the working surface by two users simultaneously.

The dual-user system is made possible due to the SMART Notebook software, one of the most popular collaborative learning applications. The system is set by default to single-user mode, and by simply selecting an item in the SMART Notebook software, the working surface is split in two, creating an individual work space for each user, where they can create, collaborate and solve problems.

Students and teachers can therefore interact more efficiently, because they have the ability to simultaneously use the work space, either with the electronic pen or with their finger.

The SMART Board SBD600 series and the Dual Touch technology will be available in Romania starting from this fall, through AVITECH.

The Canadian company SMART Technologies is the no.1 global manufacturer of interactive whiteboards and systems for the educational environment and for meeting rooms. The leader position is reinforced by the technology used and by the turnover accomplished. Set up in 1987, the company started its activity in Canada with distributing projectors manufactured by an American company. In 1991, its first SMART Board interactive whiteboards were introduced to the market. AVITECH is the authorized distributor of SMART Board interactive whiteboards in Romania. The SMART Board interactive whiteboards are designed for both educational and business environment.

AVITECH is no. 1 in Romania in audio-video, video conferencing and smart houses and is the market leader in interactive whiteboards. The company provides more than performance equipment, integrated systems and cutting-edge technologies. AVITECH offers complete solutions for business meeting rooms, training rooms and boardrooms, for video conference, telemedicine and telepresence projects, for digital signage networks, dispatches and command & control centers, Pro-Audio projects, and professional lighting.


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