Integrated Audio-Video Systems for Emergency Situations Control Rooms

Integrated Audio-Video Systems for Emergency Situations Control Rooms

AVITECH implemented two integrated audio-video systems for the control rooms of two institutions: “Romanian Waters” National Administration – Crisuri branch and The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations “Crisana”, both in Bihor County.

The implementation of these systems is part of the project called "Prevention of floods and mitigation of their consequences by substantiating decisions through the use of an integrated information system”, recently completed by the above institutions. “The S2AD decision assistance information system, achieved under this project, ensures the automation of data flow between Crisuri A.B.A and Crisana I.S.U., and also real-time data exchange between mobile intervention crews and command units, which gives it national uniqueness and replication potential”, says Crisuri A.B.A. Director, engineer Sandor Pasztor.

Technically, the two systems integrated by AVITECH have identical configurations. Each system consists in: video wall made of 2x2 46” LCD displays, video controller, sound system with flush-mount ceiling speakers, projection system allowing image broadcast from the workstations or from the video wall and remote controls.

An important part in the entire activity of the four operators from each institution is played by the video controller, which can display video signal from the four workstations on the video wall or on any other nearby display.

Also, the activity is facilitated by the remotes control with preset scenarios, which allow running certain specific actions, such as receiving the signal from the workstations on the video wall displays by a simple push of a key on the keyboard.

Moreover, the sound system with flush-mount ceiling speakers allows the operators to find information specific to each case and to take action in due time.

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