Interactive Presentation Solutions for Education

Interactive Presentation Solutions for Education

AVITECH supports the modernization of the Romanian education and, along with its partner, SMART Technologies, it has developed a special program "The First Step Towards Future". It consists of the significantly cut down prices for the interactive presentation solutions and it is dedicated to educational institutions which are at their first procurement of such equipments.

The purpose of the program is to encourage educational institutions to experience the benefits of interactive technologies.

Modern technology is one of the key elements, absolutely required to improve the Romanian educational system. AVITECH is a company which strongly believes in this driver factor and it develops various programs for teachers and pupils to benefit from the teaching and learning methods which lead to increased motivation, enthusiasm, focus and efficiency in classrooms.

The AVITECH offer includes interactive presentation systems, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, interactive response systems, interactive consoles, interactive pen displays. 

I would like to receive further details about the program "The First Step Towards Future"