Interactive Systems for Nichita Stanescu National College in Ploiesti

Interactive Systems for Nichita Stanescu National College in Ploiesti

AVITECH has completed in December the integration of modern class teaching and learning systems in the classrooms of the "Nichita Stănescu" National College in Ploieşti.

SMART Board interactive whiteboards, projectors and LCD displays are some of the systems implemented. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard, which is the world’s most popular whiteboard, comes with dedicated educational software. Being the true master minder behind the interactive whiteboard, this software distinguishes itself by being user-friendly and by providing teachers with the most powerful tool for creating, transmitting and managing lessons within one single application.

With a history of over 75 years, the "Nichita Stănescu" National College is one of the most prestigious high schools in Romania. With its strategy oriented towards the continuous improvement of the educational process, the institution is supporting the introduction of modern technologies into the Romanian educational environment, as complementary methods to traditional teaching.

In addition to the high-performance systems and equipment it incorporates in its solutions, AVITECH is supporting the Romanian educational system through many special programs, being one of the country’s pioneers in educating the market and in promoting effective solutions designed to improve the teaching-learning process.

I would like to receive further details about the products provided by AVITECH to the educational environment