Low Voltage Systems for Hermes Business Campus

Low Voltage Systems for Hermes Business Campus

Designed in accordance with the strictest international standards, the building B of the Hermes Business Campus project benefits from security and safety systems integrated by AVITECH.

Located on Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd., near other office complexes, the new building is part of a complex of three buildings that will eventually have an area for renting of ​​78,000 sq m,  with four-level underground parking, ground and eight floors.

AVITECH implemented for building B a fire detection system with over 1600 sensing and actuation elements. The system is integrated with the HVAC installations so that in case of an event to trigger different safety scenarios. The four levels of the underground parking have also installed a carbon monoxide detection system.

The video surveillance system shall monitor the common areas on the inside and outside perimeter of the building. The system integrates more than 40 video cameras.

For the interior doors of the common areas as well as for the barriers providing access to the parking, there was implemented an access control system. To the barriers was integrated also an intercom system.

AVITECH ensured also the implementation of the structured cabling for the voice - data network of the building and customized for tenants like XEROX, Litera, Synevo, Elefant, Fribourg Capital.

Hermes Business Campus is a project developed by the Belgian company, Atenor Group. Located near 3 major arteries of Bucharest (Dimitrie Pompeiu, Barbu Văcărescu and Petricani Blvds, the new office building is easily accessible and offers excellent working conditions.

The developer will continue investing starting with Q4 2014 in the C building of the complex. At present the B building, with a lettable area of ​​18,064.54 square meters, is 95% leased.