More Interactivity with the SMART Board 685ix System

More Interactivity with the SMART Board 685ix System

AVITECH announces the launch on the Romanian market of the SMART Board 685ix interactive whiteboard system from SMART Technologies. One can now experience more interaction than ever before, using one of the first integrated presentation systems ever designed for the educational sector, which combines an interactive SMART Board with a UX60 video-projector.

Owing to its 30 cm short-distance projection, the Ultra Short-Throw UX60 video projector is capable to project bright images in vibrant colours and eliminates shadows. With its 221 cm diagonal and its 16:10 aspect ratio, the SMART Board 685ix provides 20% more working space than a standard board. Moreover, the DLP technology of the DLP video-projector eliminates the need for regular filter cleaning and maintenance of the projector.

Two other special functions of the system are Touch Recognition and Distortion Free. The former allows the automatic switch between pen and hand touch modes, and the latter ensures the undistorted playback of images coming from sources such as a HD camcorder, a Blu-Ray player or a widescreen laptop.

The Canadian company Smart Technologies is the world’s number one manufacturer of interactive systems for schooling environment and meeting rooms. This leading position is sustained both by the technology employed and by the company’s turnover. The company was founded in 1987 and introduced on the market its first interactive whiteboards back in 1991. AVITECH is an authorized distributor in Romania of the SMART Board interactive whiteboards. SMART Board interactive whiteboards are designed for both the educational and the business environments.

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