Computerised Key Control & Management Systems

Computerised Key Control & Management Systems

AVITECH announces the beginning of collaboration with the American manufacturer Morse Watchmans, that produces a wide security equipment range. With a history of over 100 years, the company is among the global leaders in the security industry.

Morse Watchmans comes with innovative, customisable solutions for electronic key & card management and for the safe storage of various objects, such as laptops, mobile phones, weapons, etc. Furthermore, the manufacturer creates a very useful and efficient guard tour monitoring system. The systems provided by Morse Watchmans are KeyWatcher, KeyBank, Smartkey Lockers, PowerCheck, and KeyRings.

Among these systems, KeyWatcher is a widely used computerised system, dedicated to key and card management. It allows accessing keys or cards based on a personalised code, the user being able to remove access instruments only for certain zones. The solution is made of a cabinet where panels can be integrated depending on specific customer needs and of dedicated software installed on a PC running the system management.

Some of the characteristics of KeyWatcher are sending alerts and triggering alarms when forced or misused as well as generating reports, its robust cabinet design, and its capability to electronically unlock access instruments, available only for authorised users.

The solutions provided by the manufacturer can be applied in various fields of activity, such as casinos, penitentiaries, police stations, correctional institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, corporate buildings, car showrooms, etc.

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