New AVITECH Solutions- Automatic Identification and Data Capture

In their strive to satisfy as many customer requirements as possible, AVITECH has recently included in their portfolio Automatic Identification & Data Capture – AIDC - solutions.

Such a solution refers to various methods of automatically identifying objects, collecting data about them and entering that data directly into computer systems for analysis and processing, all these being done with minimal human involvement and intervention.

Configured according to specific customer needs, these solutions include the full range of equipment, software and services necessary to make the best use of the benefits conferred by their employment.

For a company, this solution translates into major benefits: saving money and time, owing mainly to the possibilities of real time loss assessment, control and reduction and to enhanced productivity generated by streamlined production, storage and distribution activities, increased staff efficiency, etc.

Automated identification and data capture solutions are applicable in fields such as production, storage, transport, courier services, distribution, merchandising, retail, onsite maintenance and intervention and healthcare.

The solutions are based on hardware and software systems such as mobile and stationary data capture terminals, barcode scanners, readers, tags and antennas, stationary and portable barcode printers, communications infrastructure, including wireless broadband transmission equipment, dedicated software for data and equipment management.

The newly developed AVITECH solutions are made available to clients by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field and include equipment and applications from the most famous manufacturers in the industry: Cisco, Motorola, Intermec, Datamax, O`Neill, Datalogic, Zebra Technologies, Seagull Scientific.

I would like to receive further informations about the AIDC solutions provided by AVITECH