Partner- “Digital History and the Digitalization of the Cultural Patrimony”

Partner- “Digital History and the Digitalization of the Cultural Patrimony”

Based on the need to provide high quality education, the University in Bucharest and its partners AVITECH Co and the Romanian Scientific Society for Interdisciplinary Research (S.S.R.C.I.)  accessed non-repayable funds in amount of Lei 2,152,549.00 from the European Social Fund via the  Human Resources Development Operational Program 2007 – 2013, the Priority Axis 1 “Education and Professional Training Supporting Economic Growth and the Development of the Knowledge-Based Society”, Major Intervention Area 1.2  “Digital History and the Digitalization of the Cultural Patrimony”.

The general objective of the project ”Digital History and the Digitalization of the Cultural Patrimony” is the development of an interdisciplinary and world-wide innovative mastership program in the field of Digital History, for the improvement of quality formation of human resources, enhancing the quality of communication between the academic and the private environment, enhancement of services provided to students and professors in order to increase the degree of students´ integration on the labor market, the development of flexible learning routes for the entire life, increased access to education and training by promoting virtual networks.

This project is implemented in the Bucharest – Ilfov area in correlation to the needs of the envisaged target group of the social partners in education, personnel involved in the development and the management of qualifications at university/faculty and student level.  

"Digital history does not mean just using the computer as tool for researching and disseminating knowledge on the national or European past, but also an essential transformation of the mode of bringing past facts, phenomena and events back to the present memory. For this, we need a historian/IT specialist able, e.g. of bringing back to present heroes from the past, etc." (Prof. Dr. Constantin Hlihor, Expert in research methods within the project, S.S.R.C.I. representative).

“The idea of this project seemed interesting for our field performance activity and we are proud to participate together with two well-known Romanian education and research institutions in creating the basis of a mastership program in a field that is new, innovative, at the border between two subjects of interest (history and digitalization). We hope that young university graduates will be attracted by the opportunity provided by this mastership program, so that we will see before long specialists making their contribution in the development of digital resources in the field of history.” (Camelia Achelăriţei, in charge of preparing digital manuals within the project, AVITECH representative).