People Counting Systems for Elmec Romania

AVITECH implemented an efficient professional system for people counting and flow analysis in many commercial units belonging to Elmec Romania. The project, developed at national level, included 46 locations of the renowned retailer.

The installed equipments count the number of people passing through the monitored area and they allow elaboration of reports and graphs per time slots, days of week, etc. The data can be viewed both locally, in each store, as well as at the company headquarters. The project includes both street shops and stores located inside shopping centers. People counting and flow analysis are performed at each entrance in stores with multiple entrances.

In retail, metering systems and people flow analysis proved extremely useful through the benefits they bring: shaping the profile of consumers who visit a commercial area, providing essential data to optimize the number of employees reported to the number of customers and visitors, to measure real impact of advertising campaigns, estimate the average duration of visits of current and potential customers, etc.

Elmec Romania is currently the main national retailer of sportswear and fashion products. The company runs its own network of exclusive and multi-brand stores: Nike, Converse, Famous Brands, KIX, Star Place, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Miss Sixty & Energie, Folli Follie.

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