PHILIP Furniture - Perfection and Refinement for Business Environment

PHILIP Furniture - Perfection and Refinement for Business Environment

August represents the beginning of the cooperation between AVITECH and the German company PHILIP Mobelmanufaktur GmbH that manufactures premium furniture specialized in offices.

PHILIP Mobelmanufaktur GmbH is a market mark of furniture items designed for boardrooms, meeting rooms, conference and videoconference rooms, managers' offices. Due to its premium quality, the Philip furniture is the primary option of a number of banks, financial societies, large corporations, and law offices, generally of clients who appreciate luxury, elegance, functionality and modernism.

The factory was set up in 1872 by Philip Rosenthal, in Espelkamp, Germany. It reached a tremendous success on the German market in the 1980s. Among great success recorded in time, there is the Ypsilon collection and the Cetera demountable table. The Phillip furniture is based on professional components and aesthetics that meet the highest standards.

The purpose of the company is to create best quality furniture, providing a quality that cannot be found in common furniture. The company meets the most exclusive requirements due to its unique furniture items, customised according to client's requests, handmade of best materials. The refinement and unique design, the forms' perfection, attention to details, quality of materials, and perfect integration of modern technique are features that make Philip furniture known all over the world.

The furniture can integrate any type of technology needed to set up modern and efficient communication, only in a discreet manner and without harming the perfect shape of each item. Therefore, the Philip furniture perfectly integrates any high-end AV system such as LCD displays from Element One, Revoluto conference systems from Beyerdynamic, and mobile AV outlet from Extron.

The Philip furniture is present all over the world and has become a mark of quality and excellence. AVITECH is now making it available in Romania with the desire to meet the most exquisite and sophisticated needs. AVITECH is no. 1 in Romania in audio-video, video conferencing and smart house. The company provides more than performance equipment, integrated systems or cutting-edge technologies. AVITECH offers complete solutions for conference and training rooms, for boardrooms, video conferencing, telemedicine and telepresence projects, digital signage networks, dispatches and command and control centres, ProAudio and professional lighting projects.

AVITECH is a consecrated provider of boardroom solutions for companies and large institutions such as Orange, Vodafone, Romtelecom, Alro, L'Oreal, National Bank of Romania, and Romanian Football Federation. By completing this partnership, AVITECH's specialists will be able to ensure, among other quality services and equipment, premium specialized furniture, customisable depending on clients' preferences.