The New Revoluto Wireless Microphone Units from Beyerdynamic

The New Revoluto Wireless Microphone Units from Beyerdynamic

AVITECH announces the new Revoluto Wireless conference system from beyerdynamic, which allows the speaker to re-live the experience of moving freely while holding a presentation. The advantages of a wireless conference system and the Revoluto technology are now combined within a sole product.

The new microphone units of Revoluto conference system introduce a new standard of flexibility, ability to move freely, as well as comfort, due to the replacement of the "gooseneck" type of microphone with the desktop type. Practically, a speech can be made regardless of the speaker´s position toward the mocrophone, while maintaining the sound quality due to the large coverage of the Revoluto system. At the same time, this system stand out through easy set up and transportation, thanks to its special carrying cases. The latter allow charging the equipment for long-term authonomy.

Established in 1924, beyerdynamic GmbH & Co is one of the most important companies on the market of professional audio equipment (headsets, microphones, conference systems). Beyerdynamic develops and produces in Germany cutting edge solutions for an increasing clientele. Starting with year 2002, AVITECH is a beyerdynamic distributor in Romania.

Through its Audio-Video Division, AVITECH has become well established on the Romanian market as the number 1 integrator of audio-video solutions, video conferencing, digital signage, pro audio and lighting. This division provides performance solutions for spaces designed for business meetings, training and conference. AVITECH integrates complete solutions and top quality professional audio equipment, due to its large experience in the field and to its creative customisation of a wide range of audio projects.


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