Profesional solutions for Titu Maiorescu University

Profesional solutions for Titu Maiorescu University

Titu Maiorescu University (UTM) in Bucharest, one of the most modern private university centers in Romania, benefits from audio-video, security and safety systems integrated by AVITECH.

The fitting out project included several campus buildings. The building which houses the actual educational halls was equipped with fire detection and alarm system. For car access control there was installed an automatic barrier system. Several lecture halls were equipped with professional video projection systems.

In the student hostel rooms there were mounted LCD TVs and also installed and configured a wireless internet network.   The security of the students and goods is ensured by using a video surveillance system designed and installed by AVITECH specialists.

The cafeteria and the café were endowed with a sound system functioning on two areas and an LCD display system for digital signage network and displaying Tv programs. These two spaces have an implemented wireless internet solution meant for the students.

Titu Maiorescu University was founded in 1990 and comprises seven faculties: Psychology, Law (in Bucharest and Targu Jiu), Medicine and Dental Medicine, Economics (in Bucharest and Targu Jiu) and Informatics. Recently, UTM was declared "The best private university in Romania", according to MECTS classification. The University is to be found among the elite institutions of Romanian higher education and is deeply rooted in the present, actively engaged in the European reforming process and adapting the academic education to the demands and rigors of today's society.

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