Security Systems for The Technical University of Civil Engineering

The Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB) ensures the safety of students in the university campus by using a modern video surveillance and access control solution, implemented by AVITECH.

The first stage of the project is already completed and consists in equipping 5 dormitories within the campus with security systems. The purpose of implementing these systems is to prevent criminal acts in the campus and to eliminate unauthorized individuals to access the facilities.

“Due to the efficiency of the systems installed, we find introducing them in all buildings of the campus useful” says an institution representative.

The safety of the students and teachers is essential to any university. Currently, a project for expanding the solution implemented in those 5 dormitories is being implemented and the institution’s desideratum is to equip the entire university campus with performance security and safety systems. Furthermore, the development of this project will pave the way for introducing other very efficient solutions for education.

The Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest has a large experience in training specialists with superior training in civil engineering, facilities engineering, mechanical engineering / construction machinery, environmental engineering, geodetic engineering, engineering management and systems engineering. The institutions graduates are known locally and internationally for solid knowledge and are ranked among the best professionals in the field.

I would like to receive further information about the security solutions offered by AVITECH