Projecta Projection Screens with Tab-tensioned Systems

Projecta Projection Screens with Tab-tensioned Systems

AVITECH brings to Romania the projection screens with tab-tensioned systems from the famous Dutch producer Projecta. The proposed solutions are part of the RF Electrol range and can be incorporated in the ceiling, mounted on walls or on the ceiling.

AVITECH recommends the projection screens with tab-tensioned systems due to reaching a projection on a constantly flat surface, a good screen performance with temperature and humidity variations, a longer lifespan of the tensed material and the accuracy of the image projected on a perfectly flat surface (an extremely useful feature in medicine, design applications).

The built-in RF transmitter makes possible the remote operation (open/close) of the screen from the remote control it comes with. Very important features are also the long lifespan, the engine reliability and the quality of the canvas's operation system.

The models Tensioned Descender RF Electrol are special due to the easy integration in non-modular ceilings and easy maintenance. The Tension Elpro RF Electrol series is very easy to install on a ceiling wall due to the Easy Install system. Furthermore, it has a low noise level and a high speed engine.

For more than 50 years, Projecta is a top producer and distributor on the high-quality projection screens' market. Residing in Weert (Holland), Projecta is a company active throughout the world, market leader in the last years. The company’s offer includes special quality equipments, with smart mounting systems, that can be customized depending on the customers' requests.

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