Revolutionary Control Units from Paxton Access: Net2 Nano & Plus

Revolutionary Control Units from Paxton Access: Net2 Nano & Plus

AVITECH introduces two new control unit models on the security market in Romania, Paxton Access brand: Net2 Nano and Net2 Plus. The products are part of Net2 family and are revolutionary on the access control system market. The first is a wireless access system and the latter can be directly connected to the TCP/IP network.

Net2 Nano replaces the wired connection with a wireless one, by simply connecting the Net2Air USB Bridge equipment to the Net2 server PC. Likewise, there is secured communication between Net2Air and the Net2 access control system server.

Net2 Plus controls a single door and can be connected to a RS485 line dedicated to data transfer. This reduces the equipment cost and the necessary installation time, where there is a PC in the network. Net2 Plus is faster in data transfer and has more memory than any other Net2 control unit. It is the perfect solution for sites where access control units are desired and where there already is a TCP/IP network.

Paxton Access is the most important British supplier for access control solutions and equipment. The Net2 range from Paxton Access is designed for access control systems and for modular and centralised clocking. The systems can comprise from one to several hundreds of controlled doors and can have a maximum of 10,000 users.

AVITECH markets Paxton Access equipment through its Systems division, which is specialised in providing professional solutions in the fields of security systems, electric installations (low and medium voltage), automation and BMS, IT&C. The division ensures the design, installation and configuration of any system, regardless of its complexity or dimension.