Security and Safety Systems for Railway Transport

Security and Safety Systems for Railway Transport

AVITECH provided security and safety systems within a project for the implementation of Schengen requirements for controlling the crossing points at the border with non-EU countries. The works were carried out at the C.F. Vicsani station and along the railway line between the station and the border with Ukraine.

The main component of the project is the video surveillance system for the border area, installed along the railway between the Vicsani station and the border - a distance of about 4.5 km - in both directions.

The system integrates over 60 IP HDTV outdoor cameras and professional storage systems. The cameras have the capacity to record both on daytime and night time, being integrated with infrared projectors. The signal transmission is carried on optical fiber.

The solutions offered by AVITECH come from some of the most renowned suppliers in the industry: AMP, Axis, IBM, Milestone.

Also, the C.F. Vicsani station was equipped with public address system, fire detection and warning system and digital timing distribution system.

I would like to receive further details about the security and safety solutions offered by AVITECH