Security For Photovoltaic Park

One of the new photovoltaic parks built this year in Arad county benefits from complete perimeter security solutions integrated by AVITECH.

In order to secure the park there was chosen a video surveillance solution that integrates multiple thermovision cameras and speed-dome cameras. The system uses a high-performance video analysis software for detection and alarm in case of intrusion attempts.

When an intrusion attempt is identified, an audio and visual alarm is sent automatically in the dispatching. Through the loudspeakers installed in the park there is played a warning message, either pre-recorded or live, from the dispatching. Furthermore, during the night, any alarm determines automatically also the switching on of some light projectors.

In addition, there have been installed IR motion detectors. They are integrated into the video surveillance system, any activation causing switching the cameras towards the area from which the alarm was signalled.

All the systems are provided with integrated management through a single software platform.

I would like to know more about AVITECH solutions for perimeter security