SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards - Stars of Smart Kids 2009

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards - Stars of Smart Kids 2009

The third edition of the International SmartKids Symposium was held between the 11th and the 13th of December 2009 in Timişoara, at the “C.D. Loga” National College, and had the ''eGreen'' as its topic of discussions. The event was organized by the School Inspectorate of the Timiş County and the “C.D. Loga'' National College. AVITECH was again one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the event.

A scientific communication session called “Education and the New IT Technologies in the Euroregion” was held on December 11 and was followed by a competition on interactive board applications for the 1st to the 12th – grade students and for teachers. The last day of the event was dedicated to prize award to the competition winners.

This year’s edition was aimed at emphasising the role and responsibility of teachers in their teaching process, in which traditional methods will intertwine with modern technologies. Among these modern technologies, a special place is occupied by the interactive presentation systems from Smart Technologies, distributed in Romania by AVITECH. Helping the participants become aware of the many opportunities offered by these new technological developments for the improvement of the educational process will guarantee for their successful implementation in the upcoming years.

SMART Board, the star-product of the symposium, is the top interactive whiteboard in the world and in Romania. Owing to its sensitive surface of the board, any application running on the computer to which the whiteboard is connected can be activated and fully controlled by a simple touch of the whiteboard. The image is displayed on the whiteboard by means of a video-projector.  One can also write or draw onto the sensitive surface of the whiteboard by using the set of special pencils. The result can be saved, printed or sent by e-mail. The software that comes with the interactive whiteboard is remarkably simple to use, while offering users a multitude of whiteboard exploration options.

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